Date portal Lübeck

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date portal Lübeck

As part of the reconstruction work they were fitted with a narrow metal frame and anti-reflective glass for protection.A wing added to the northern aspect of the building now houses two of our exclusive luxury suites.The façade, with its Renaissance-style portal of moulded bricks, mainly reflects the architectural style of the early 17th century.Some Renaissance-style features typical of the time were added to the façade as well; above the carved green Rococo entrance door with its skylight there is a moulded brick portal crowned by a cornice with intricate sandstone carving from around the year 1650 which cannot be seen anywhere else in Lübeck.The layout of the house was changed again during another makeover phase in the 17th century; this time a splendid chamber of lavish proportions was added and the extravagant Rococo wall design was finished in stucco lustro – a technique which was then more costly than marble.

Date portal Lübeck

This chamber, with its balcony that faces the port, is now our Suite No.2.The final major transformation of what is now the Hotel Anno 1216 took place in the late 18th century when some Baroque-style modifications were undertaken.Both the painting and the wall panels can now be seen in our Suite No. For further reading (in German) you may download an essay about the wall panels at The north-western corner of the side wing had sagged and had to be repaired and secured to arrest further decline. date portal Lübeck-17date portal Lübeck-79 In 1985 the roof structure was renewed and the whole building was lifted by means of a steel corset.These included larger windows and a tail gable on the roof which was modified again in 1939, turning it into the wide stepped gable which is preserved to this day.

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When the stucco ceilings on the ground floor were renovated in 1980/81, a fresco was exposed, almost 20% of which remained undamaged.

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Lübeck was first founded in 1143, and as a young town consisted mainly of wooden buildings with only a few exceptions such as the Cathedral, the city walls and a few churches which were constructed after 1180.

After the great fire of 1276 the city council ruled that all buildings had to be made of stone or brick.

Alfstraße is one of the oldest streets of the original urban settlement dating from 1159.

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