Dating for par Gribskov

Enjoy lunch at Esrum Abbey where the food is part of the culture and the nature.Overnight stay at Maarumlund, a fully renovated old forester’s farm situated in the heart of Gribskov.The entire former royal forest landscape covered a much larger area with a number of royal castles.

dating for par Gribskov

这片园林位于哥本哈根市北部30公里处,包含三处独特的森林景区:斯托尔·鹿之园,格里布斯科夫,斯克斯堡栅栏和斯克斯堡鹿之园。这里曾是丹麦王室“武力”狩猎:或利用猎犬围猎的地方,在中世纪到十六世纪末达到巅峰。这里道路成网格状排列,编号石板,栅栏与狩猎小屋无不呈现了巴洛克式园林规划风格在森林地带的应用。 source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Охотничьи угодья Северной Зеландии, расположенные примерно в 30 км к северо-востоку от Копенгагена, включают в себя два лесных массива Store Dyrehave (что в переводе означает «Большой сад животных») и Gribskov и лесопарковую зону Jægersborg Hegn/Jægersborg Dyrehave.Situado a unos 30 kilómetros al nordeste de Copenhague, este bien cultural comprende tres zonas diferenciadas de bosques para monterías: Store Dyrehave, Gribskov y Jægersborg Hegn/Jægersborg Dyrehave.En esos bosques acondicionados para la caza de montería, los reyes daneses y sus cortesanos practicaban esta modalidad cinegética que estuvo en pleno apogeo desde la Edad Media hasta finales del siglo XVI.Criterion (iv): As a landscape of power created by an absolute monarch in the late 17th century, the par force hunting landscape in North Zealand exemplifies a significant stage in European landscape design applied to hunting grounds when the rise of scientific thought took place within the context of absolutist ambitions.The orthogonal geometry conceived for its design improved the octagon or circle-based star network used in French or German examples.

Dating for par Gribskov

In the heart of the beautiful landscape is one of our true gems, Esrum Abbey, which was founded in 1151. Enjoy a meal in the bright, cozy café at Møllegården or in Brother Rus’ vaulted abbey cellar.On the fourth day, the modern North Sealand pilgrimage heads out west to the Æbelholt Abbey Ruin and then northwards along Arresø lake, past the idyllic Tibirke church and on to Tisvildeleje.The Outstanding Universal Value of the landscape lies in the spatial organisation of the hunting forests, hunting roads, buildings, emblematic markers, numbered stone posts, stone fences, and numerical road names conveying an understanding of the practical application of the design as a means of orientation. dating for par Gribskov-7dating for par Gribskov-19 Criterion (ii): The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand exceptionally exemplifies how the interchange of Baroque values in Europe influenced developments in landscape design in the 17th-18th centuries, and particularly bears witness to the influence exerted by French and German designed hunting landscapes.Met jachtpaden die zijn gelegd in een orthogonaal rasterpatroon, hun genummerde stenen aanduidingen, de behuizingen en jachthutten, toont de site de toepassing van barokke landschapsarchitectuurprincipes op beboste gebieden.

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Source: Brief synthesis The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand series covers the former royal hunting forests of Store Dyrehave and Gribskov, traces of connecting roads between them, and the former royal hunting park of Jægersborg Dyrehave/Jægersborg Hegn.Los caminos trazados con arreglo a un plano ortogonal, los mojones de piedra numerados, los cercados y los pabellones de caza edificados en esos bosques constituyen una materialización de los principios paisajísticos del Barroco aplicados al acondicionamiento de zonas forestales.首都コペンハーゲンを擁するシェラン島北部にある、旧王室の狩猟用の2つの森と、森をつなぐ道の跡、旧王室の狩猟場だった「鹿公園」を含む狩猟景観。森では主に、騎乗して猟犬を伴う「パル・フォルス式」の狩猟が行われていた。番号が振られた石標や石柱、柵、狩猟小屋などのデザインはバロック様式。これは、ヨーロッパにおけるバロック様式の流行が、17~18世紀の造園の発展に影響を与えたことを示すとともに、ヨーロッパの景観デザインが狩猟場に適用された重要な段階を示している。 source: NFUAJ Dit culturele landschap, gelegen op ongeveer 30 km ten noordoosten van Kopenhagen, omvat de twee jachtbossen van Store Dyrehave en Gribskov, evenals het jachtpark van Jægersborg Hegn / Jægersborg Dyrehave.Designed and created intentionally by Man, the par force hunting landscape exemplifies a 17th-18th-century landscape created to perform courtly hunts.Its layout results from the combination of French and German design models based on a central-star grid system, combined with an orthogonal grid subdivision, which optimised its function during the hunt, and makes it emblematic of an absolute European monarch, his role in society, and his reason and power to control nature.

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