Dating marlin 1894 rifle

The Marlin 1894C Carbine in the right hands is still a very formidable opponent for home defense and SHTF situations.In the right hands simply means like any rifle, shotgun or pistol you must train with it and become proficient with it.At 50 yards standing slow fire with 158gr 357 magnum ammunition I was able to produce acceptable accuracy.

This would have been easily fixed by filing down the top of the front sight, if you are worried about appearance Skinner also has a nice cold bluing solution.Skinner has a great product line which accommodates more than just the Marlin brand. dating gifte Rødovre Skinner would be the first after market sight producer I would chose for any lever action I owned.Other benefits of the Marlin Carbine are: Short, maneuverable and easy to handle, these traits are very valuable in home defense, ranch work, and SHTF type situations.The 357 Magnum in this little carbine provides great ballistics out to 100 yards.

Dating marlin 1894 rifle

If you do a simple search for home defense rifle, SHTF rifle almost all results will lead you to some sort of black rifle.Though I love my AR15’s and have become very familiar with them over the past 20 years, gaining most of my knowledge while serving in the United States Marine Corps I still appreciate the benefits of the pistol caliber lever action carbine or what I often refer to as the Discreet Urban Carbine.I myself prefer the traditional look of the lever action. Dating marlin 1894 rifle-55 This look is what makes it so discreet and non-menacing in an urban SHTF like scenario and I believe this becomes important during those times.I was also able to get my front sight from Skinner.

The front sight can be ordered in different heights, I ordered mine in .500.With a magazine capacity of 9 1, citizens of the 1800’s coined the phrase “load on Sunday and shoot all week”.The feed tube/magazine can be topped off without disabling or opening the action.Having fell in love with my original front sight with the gold bead dot, I decided I would replace my Skinner front sight with a Williams front sight model WGB-406N which was the perfect height.This is not a demerit against the Skinner front sight it’s just my eye’s prefer the gold bead dot.

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