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About 1910, the textile manufacturer Rawe bought the land and had a spinning works built there. Klausheide This community was named for the son of the founder of the Klausheide Estate (Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach), who was named Claus (Heide means "heath"). Mäulen for his efforts, the new neighbourhood was named Neuberlin – literally "New Berlin" – after the city where he was born.

The nearest German cities are Münster, about 75 km (47 mi) to the southeast, and Osnabrück, about 85 km (53 mi) to the east."No(r)dhorn" is perhaps similar to the "Maa(r)s", "Meu(r)s" or "Marsh" river. dating seiten kostenlos für männer Kiel That is what has caused the confusion; a silent "r" or a difficulty in pronouncing the "r" due to the proximity to France.Nordhorn is called Nothoorn or Notthöörntin in the local speech.In the compilation Werdener Heberigister, the town's name is recorded in 890 as Norhthornon (note the silent "r") and in 1050 as Northornon. On town seals between 14 also appears the form Northorne, and only from 1827 forth does it become Nordhorn. The town lies in southwesternmost Lower Saxony, near the border with the Netherlands and the boundary with North Rhine-Westphalia, on the river Vechte.

Single aktiv spezial nordhorn

Bakelde The name comes from Bak (ridge) and Lo (grove). Bookholt The name refers to a beech (Buche) or birch (Birke) grove. Specht - Nordhorn - Geschichte einer Grenzstadt) Brandlecht Called Bramtelghet in 1313, the name comes from Bram (gorse) and telge (twig). Ernst Kühle - Brandlecht - Der Grafschafter, Folge 160, June 1966).Frensdorf Called Frenstrup in Low German, the name might come from a personal name.One story holds that the town's name – which means "North Horn" – came about when the town was under attack, in which case a horn – the so-called Nothorn or emergency horn – was blown by the watchmen to warn the Vechteinsel (Vechte Island) inhabitants and also to call for help. Single aktiv spezial nordhorn-83Single aktiv spezial nordhorn-9Single aktiv spezial nordhorn-59 Since the town lay north of Bentheim (now Bad Bentheim) and its castle, it is said that this yielded the name Nordhorn.Since a settlement with a harbour arose between Schüttorf and Emlichheim in the Early Middle Ages whose coat of arms bore a horn as a charge, it seems likely that Nordhorn could have arisen from this.

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A more scientifically based variation on what the arms mean holds that "horn" is meant in the sense of "pointed end", making "Nordhorn" a northern point – the jutting northerly end of a field into the Vechte Valley.Through various amalgamations the town's area has grown to 14 959 ha, only slightly smaller than the Principality of Liechtenstein.North of Nordhorn lie the town and joint community (Samtgemeinde) both called Neuenhaus, while the communities of Engden and Isterberg lie to the south.Because the streets were named after flowers, the new neighbourhood was called Blumensiedlung ("Flower Settlement").Bussmaate Earlier a meadowland, the so-called Buss Maate was owned by the farmer Busch in Altendorf (Buss from the farmer's name).

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